About Biosa

Biosa Danmark is a Danish owned company specialised in organic microorganisms for humans, animals, plants and the environment. It is Biosa Danmark’s wish to be able to make a difference, in the life of individual people as well as in the development of a sustainable society in balance with its surroundings.
The company was founded in 2001 and has developed rapidly since. 20 countries in Europe and North and South America use the Biosa microorganism products today.
We wish to be actively involved in an innovative world of business with the courage to come up with new ideas. Through innovative thinking we can come up with new solutions and we wish to show new ways to handle health and environmental issues. Our starting point is the will to make a difference for a sustainable development - locally and globally. 
Today, Biosa Danmark has 15 employees representing no less than 5 different nationalities. Thus, the employees reflect the company’s international orientation.
Biosa Danmark is actively involved in Third World projects aiming to spread organic farming methods through the use of microorganism technology. The company wishes to participate in the distribution of these methods and thus deliberately renounce chemical farming methods and GMO-technology. These projects are carried out in cooperation with Danida and also improve the population’s living standards through securing higher yields and improved working conditions.
We are determined to help our customers to find healthy and sustainable solutions and we welcome you to our company. Our results speak for themselves and we are looking forward to create even more…