Air Biosa

Biosa Air is an odour remover based on composition of lactic acid bacteria and 19 different herbs whose main purpose it is to decompose organic material. Biosa Air can be used for odour reduction where odour nuisance related to organic matters occurs, i.e. in the production of food and fodder, animal production and in the rendering industry.
Biosa Air
- is applied with an atomiser or sprayer in different concentrations, diluted with water, depending on the conditions.
- dosage 5-10 % diluted in water for spraying in stables, transport vehicles and slaughterhouses.
- Prevents the formation of a large range of volatile compounds, many of them being potential malodorous matters.
- Reduces the odour emission, makes the air good to inhale and improves the indoor climate for humans and animals.
- Decreases the ammonia emission through increasing the decomposition rate of ammonia by converting it to ammonium particles.
- Available in 35 litre canisters.